All the stress was lifted from my shoulders

“Navigating the world of daycare and emergency care for my children was proving to be a stressful feat until I came across All About Kids. From the moment I first contacted them everything to do with my childrens care has been easier than I ever imagined it could be. All the stress was lifted from my shoulders and they took care of everything. The customer service has been impeccable. Any email I send is responded to in minutes and my requests are always very easily accommodated. I have utter confidence in this service. Try it and I guarantee you won’t regret it.”

~ Simone


I’m so grateful for the backup care program

“All About Kids is a clean and well organized facility that offers wonderful educational themes for their children, they also offer a healthy balanced meal plan. I’m very pleased with the friendly staff who is always open to provide feedback from my son’s learning experience in the end of the day. I’m so grateful for the backup care program, and how convenient and necessary the has become to my life. I’m working from home, running into unexpected last minute meetings… and thank God I found you, the peace of mind I have knowing that I can count on you to take care of my 20 months old son wheneverI can’t. I give All About Kids the highest mark!’

~ Roseli

My kids love the lunches and snacks

“All About Kids is great and the customer service is excellent! I was able to book child care for my kids fast when I needed it. The staff are truly caring and wonderful. The childcare center is clean and well-organized, with a clean kitchen where they prepare the food. My kids love the lunches and snacks. They made Ginger bread house cookies which they brought home to leave for Santa on Christmas Eve. My daughter loves the Tacos. They also enjoy the fun activities, my kids look forward to going there.”

~ Melissa

The caregivers are phenomenal

“Both my kids went to All About Kids, one was full time for many years and the other, part time via backup care. The caregivers are phenomenal, loving, caring and created a fun and comfortable environment for my kids. Customer Service is wonderful! They always got back to me in a timely manner whenever I needed backup child care.”

~ Cecilia

It has never been so easy to secure a daycare spot

“We live in Toronto and have used All About Kids several times over the past year and a half for our 2 year old son. It has never been so easy to secure a daycare spot as I was able to email the evening before, pay an invoice online, and then bring my son the next day. I don’t believe I have ever had to wait more than a few hours for someone to call me back or answer my emails. The facility itself is immaculate, stimulating, fun and very safe. On the very first day I sent my son he was immediately comfortable, loved all the toys, ate his snacks and lunch and had no problem having a nap. Even though I only send him when I am in a bit of a jam (as we live 30 minutes away from this facility), my son is always so happy and excited when I tell him he is going there. He absolutely loves all the friendly staff and usually comes home with some sort of creative piece of art or a story or a fun memory that he shares with me when I pick him up. I could not be happier with David¹s experience at All About Kids and will continue to use this daycare until he is in Kindergarten.”

~ Melina

All About Kids is practically my lifesaver

“All About Kids is practically my lifesaver for my kids’ back-up care. Their scheduling/booking system is very efficient – either online booking through the website or by contacting the location manager, the job gets done right away. They are so efficient that they even reply to my email queries at night or during weekends. My kids enjoy and look forward to their back-up care days because the teachers in the Markham location are very friendly and keeps them so engaged with the activities.”

~ Raj

Extremely fast and convenient

“I’m so happy to have found this emergency child care service and have used it a few times. It is extremely fast and convenient to check for availability online and book a date. Customer service has been very responsive and friendly.”

~ Nina

The staff is always warm and attentive

“Both my kids were full-time at AAK. Now that they are in school, they come back for PA days, March Break, Summer Holidays. The staff is always warm and attentive, and the kids are always safe and happy in their care.”

~ Renee

Booking in their emergency back up care program is a breeze

“All About Kids excels at customer service – all my emails are promptly returned! Booking my child in for their emergency back up care program is a breeze and I don’t know of any other daycares that offer this service in the area – it is such a life saver! I also enjoy the flexibility to be able to pay online – all invoices are emailed and tracked easily in their online tool making it hassle free for me! My son adores attending All About Kids, and baby #2 will be shortly arriving and I am looking forward to sending her/him off to such a great daycare that is full of fun, healthy food and most of all employees that care about your kids.”

~ Sarah



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