Care Connect Concierge Membership

$195.00 / year

Need guaranteed placement and piece of mind?

Many families require more than the occasional childcare booking PLUS they want the piece of mind that comes from knowing they will have a GUARANTEED spot when they need it. For these families we created the Care Connect Concierge Plan. Members receive all the benefits of our Care Connect Paid Plan plus they also receive guaranteed placement for up to 3 named children in their chosen region. Even if we don’t have a space available online – we’ll find one nearby. Think of it as an insurance plan for your busy schedule! Our Concierge members also have access to our Get Well Home care.

Please note: We have a limited number of these membership packages available each year.

Benefits of Care Connect Concierge Membership:

  • No Service Fees (savings of $7.50 per booking)
  • Guaranteed Availability for up to 3 named children within your primary care area
  • Text Booking
  • Telephone Booking Service
  • Online Support
  • Family Membership for up to 3 kids
  • Complimentary Web Camera Service
  • Get Well Home Care
  • 8 hours notice for full credit on cancellations


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